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Uncas Elementary School is located in a vibrant rural community.  At Uncas Elementary we believe we "Learn Together."   Recognizing that home, school, and community are a powerful team, we work together to support each other in creating an atmosphere that values education and promotes development of the whole child.  As a school community, our focus this year is developing our students' ability to use technology in a creative and collaborative way.  Inquiry learning, character education, and differentiated learning are also important aspects of our students' daily education.


Uncas Elementary has a dedicated Parent Council that is instrumental in supporting school projects and cultural program delivery. The Parent Council provides students with a wide variety of experiences in the fine arts and supports all activities throughout the school year.   This vital support from our parents enables the staff to provide students with a well rounded program and numerous opportunities for student growth.


TJ Kennerd


To provide a healthy, active environment in which students are encouraged and empowered to take ownership for their learning, with support from parents and staff members.


At Uncas School, our motto is ‘Learning Together', which captures the essence of our school community. Together we work to establish a positive school climate in which structure, support, and encouragement assist the student in developing a sense of accomplishment, responsibility, and self-discipline and an ongoing commitment to lifelong learning.


Enhancing a cooperative and collaborative philosophy between home, school and community facilitates academic achievement, student leadership and character education.